How to Easily Measure Your Sliding Glass Door for a Perfect Propel Fit!

How to Easily Measure Your Sliding Glass Door for a Perfect Propel Fit

Have you ever been in the middle of a home improvement project and had no idea how to measure your sliding glass door? If so, then you’re not alone! Fortunately, we have the perfect solution: propels. Propels are designed to fit sliding glass doors perfectly, but they require accurate measurements. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to easily measure your sliding glass door for a perfect propel fit! So grab your tape measure, put on your DIY hat, and let’s get started!

First, you’ll need to measure the door frame, which is made up of two components: the jamb (the vertical sides of the frame) and the head (the top part of the frame). To accurately measure these components, you’ll need to take external measurements. To measure the jamb, start at one corner and measure across each side of the frame in inches. For a more precise measurement, you may want to double-check your measurements with a level or ruler. The same process applies for measuring the head.

Next, you’ll need to measure the opening size. This is done by measuring both height and width for an accurate measurement in inches. You should also take note of any obstructions or decorations that may interfere with a perfect fit – if any are present, you will have to order a custom Propel unit made to fit these specifications.

Once you have your measurements in place, it’s time to check them for accuracy. This can be done by comparing your measurements against existing standard sizes of propels – most companies offer their own sizing guide as well as “universal” sizing guides that are applicable across all manufacturers. If your sliding glass door fits within any standard sizes available on the market, then you can proceed with ordering your perfect propel unit straight away!

Finally, there are additional considerations when ordering custom sliding glass doors for fitting with a Propel unit – such as color, materials used and features installed into the door itself. Make sure that these extra details are taken into account when ordering your new doors so that they fit perfectly into place with no issues once they arrive!

In conclusion, taking accurate measurements of your sliding glass door is essential for ensuring a perfect fit when installing a Propel unit. We hope this blog post has helped give you some useful tips on how to easily measure your sliding glass door for a perfect fit – happy measuring!

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